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Remembrance Journeys

Remember Your Magick 
Unlock Your Power

Experiential ceremonies that combine Past Life Regression / Soul Purpose Hypnosis + Breathwork + Ritual 

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 Virtual Private Ceremony 
Remembrance Journeys 
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On Location Group Ceremony Remembrance Journeys
In Person Private Ceremony Remembrance Journey
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Certifications & Training

Master Hypnotist (Certified in 5 Path ® 7th Path ® Self-Hypnosis Teacher)

Inner Sensitivity Counselor 

Holistic Nutrition/ Herbalism

Raw Food Chef Certification 

Breath Masters + 9D Sound Certification

Reiki Level 2 Certification

Yoga Alliance 200 hr RYT

Kripalu continued studies in Self Awakening Yoga ™

Thai Yoga Massage (Old Medicine Hospital/ Thailand)

About Me

Welcome to my website! I’m The Duchess Of Eastwick and I am passionate about guiding individuals on their journey of personal growth and transformation. With a background in many spiritual disciplines, energy healing, and holistic practices, I am dedicated to helping others transmute negative experiences and emotions into opportunities for profound healing and self-discovery. I’m honored to guide you to your Magickal Remembrance, your place of power, your peace, your happiness & your flow, through guided journey work and ritual. 


Throughout my own transformative journey, I have explored various modalities and techniques that have empowered me to overcome challenges and tap into my inner power. I believe that true transformation comes in recognition and remembrance of the power within, and by harnessing the power of the mind, body, and spirit, we can create lasting change and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.


My approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and the power of transmutation in our lives. I combine ancient wisdom with the remembrance of my ancestors and archetypal channeling, to create modern fusion practices which are designed to use pain and chaos as a contrast and entry point to your own personal power.


 Through my Courses, Rituals, Altar Art, Alchemy, Remembrance Journey Workshops, and one-on-one Intuitive sessions, I aim to provide individuals with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to embark on their own transformative journey.


I am a certified practitioner in various disciplines, including yoga, spiritual counseling, hypnosis, breathwork, reiki, bodywork and holistic nutrition. I am also well-versed in herbal medicine and the use of plant medicine for emotional balance and healing, ritual & spellcraft.


In addition, my background in the ritual arts and metaphysical spellcrafting come from my upbringing (my father was a metaphysical minister, teacher and author), as well as my matriarchal hereditary witch lineage, (we come from a line of healers, psychics and mediums). 


My unique approach to Magick draws from my studies in Evolutionary Astrology, Quantum Physics, Past Life Regression Hypnosis, Breathwork, and sound & energy modalities along with the Magick that has been passed down through my hereditary DNA and remembrance. I use Magick practices from my ancestral lineage of Jewish, Nordic, Celtic, and Indigenous Mexican as well as channeled guidance and sorcery techniques from my Galactic Team forming a unique magickal discipline called Astro-Ascension Magick. As its primary goal, Astro-Ascension Magick and I are here to assist you in your spiritual evolution and align you with your highest and best timelines. 


I am deeply committed to creating a safe and nurturing container for individuals to explore their inner selves and unlock their true potential. My goal is to empower others to embrace their authenticity, release limiting beliefs, and step into a life of joy, abundance, and purpose.


I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Together, we can transmute the challenges that life presents and create a life filled with love, growth, and spiritual expansion. Let's embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation together.


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