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Greetings, Starlings! The magick I use is eclectic and personal, it is innate in me through the blood of my heritage and lineage.


Magick has always been in my blood. On my mother's side, our ancestral magick comes from Celtic/Scottish and Sephardic Jewish tradition. Much of this lineage has carried through to modern day, gifting my aunts, cousins, mother, and myself with psychic, empathic, and healing abilities. In addition, my mother's family migrated to Mexico, where Mexican folk magick intertwined with our European roots. My father (Rest in Peace) was a pioneer in the paranormal research movement in the 50s and 60s which further sparked his interest in metaphysics, later founding his own church and authoring many books. Norwegian/Viking ancestry magick also permeates through his blood (and mine).


Since as young as I can remember, I've been actively working on the spiritual path.

I started channeling and table tipping at the age of five with my dad, so my connection to the spirit world has always been second nature to me. I draw from many different cultures and modalities as well as my father's teachings in metaphysics and my studies in Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Hypnosis and Quantum Physics in order to create what I like to call

"Ascension Magick".

In addition to my lineage, I hold degrees and certifications that lend to my expertise in Counseling and the working of mental, emotional, physical, and energetic body systems of the ascension process:

*Bachelor of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition

*Certified Plant Based Chef; Matthew Kenney Culinary

*Certified Yoga Teacher 200hr, RYT

*Certification in Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork

*Certification in Level 2 Reiki Energy Healing

*Master Hypnotist Certification, NGH

*7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher Certification

*Breathwork Masters Certification

*Certified Inner Sensitivity Counselor

Through my lineage, I am a Hereditary Witch passed though the bloodline of both my mother and father’s ancestry. Through my PRACTICES and Performance of Magick & Ceremony,  I am a SORCERESS. (pls. see Sorcery "About" page for more distinction on Sorcery and Witchcraft and why ultimately I identify as a SORCERESS.)


Though I do use elemental and candle magick ritual, I actually don’t need it in order to perform Magick. Very often, clients report a shift in just consulting with me, or even in leaving me a direct message on IG as the Magick occurs through the connection with my mind and thoughts. Often, I am even performing Magick and shifting timelines in the astral realm during “dream state”. Many clients also report me in their “dreams” with shifts occurring in their reality even before contracting me as their Magickal worker. Sometimes I perform Magick through the will of my higher self and higher power without the knowledge of my human self. 


Magick is very energy consuming, and because of this spontaneous performance of my Mind Magick, it has become increasingly important for me to guard my energy so that there is energy exchange and I am not “performing Magick” or helping to shift your reality free of charge and without compensation for what can be extremely energetically taxing work.


For this reason I no longer read DM’s through social media or accept or read emails with explanations of your issues or problems. You may book in a Consultation, Reading or Spiritual Guidance Session for my individual attention guidance, expertise, and energy. I am happy to answer quick questions about services or schedule changes, but please DO NOT email or DM me your intimate issues. This includes updates about your life or spellwork, positive and or negative. Please book an "After Care" follow up for this. If you have a testimonial about the work or would like to leave your feedback, I love hearing about your positive changes and the ritual work and healing really working! Please email me with an appropriate headliner in the subject such as "results" or "testimonial" or "feedback".  


 If you are a part of my membership groups and you are inquiring about which spellwork to select via the "VIP Secret Menu", you may email me a very brief question in regards to your situation. Otherwise, Custom Ritual Work requires a consultation. It is advisable to even book consults prior to Group Spellwork Rituals, and Membership Group Rituals (for best results) though not required.

For best results, Ritual & Spellwork should be combined with other modalities to co-create with the potential of the work.

You will see that I offer many courses and modalities to bring you empowerment and to create your own Magick through transmutation and the Sorcery of Mind. I teach and empower others to use their own Sorcery and power of choice through the freedom of the mind. Modalities which work on the deprogramming & reprogramming of the subconscious such as Quantum Reprogramming, Shadow Work Self Hypnosis, and Hypnobreathwork through my Transmute That Shit ™ signature offering are some of the best ways to co-create with Ritual Work.


 You’ll hear me say “YOUR MAGICK IS IN YOUR CHOICES”, very often which means – you are a magickal and powerful co-creator by nature of your FREE WILL, however, your WILL IS ONLY FREE to the extent of clearing false programming so that your thoughts, choices and behaviors can all align. Is this Sorcery in its entirety? Well no, but it’s a start to living a magickal life of desire and conscious choices vs. a life consequences and chaos. And once your vessel is clear and you are connected in relationship with your guides, you will be shown the way and encoded with the Magical tools to become a true Sorcerer. Many of you already are :)

I look forward to working with you and to co-creating this magick with you!

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