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Past Life Regression Soul Remembrance Journeys

Remembrance Journeys are Hypno-breathwork Meditation Ceremonies that are designed to guide you on a profound exploration of your soul’s journey, unlocking deep insights and epiphanies to limiting beliefs and struggle while facilitating portal access to meaning, purpose and unbound power. We combine Holotropic Breathwork with Hypnosis, Sound Frequency, Somatic Movement, Clairalience and Ritual to access the body/mind/spirit internal medicine and knowing. Each in-person remembrance journey also has a signature scent crafted and ritualized in specific cosmic energies, astrological transits and themes, to evoke and invoke nose-talgia remembrance & regression channeling.

Through regression, we can access “past” or  concurrent versions of ourselves and channel information and insights from collective and quantum archetypes. We call this a “remembrance” because the information you seek is within you and available in the library of the Akasha of all experience. By tapping into this archive, the knowledge is EXPERIENTIAL though remembrance and therefore embodied in a deeper way than through learning from the intellect. Each Journey is unique and unfolds in layers as the perfect guides show up for you in exactly the way you need. This experience is very much like ethnobotany medicine “journeys” in which spontaneous healing and great insights can occur, except in this case, YOU are the medicine. You have everything you need. Remember Your Magick. Unlock Your Power.


Ritual work is offered in ceremony as part of the Remembrance Journeys or in a group container with individual intentions during monthly numerology Portal Rituals. Portal Rituals are Candle Magick rituals designed to feature the current astrology transits, Ingress of the Sun in the specific zodiac sign, and or feature numerology, cosmic downloads and other key transits. Private Remembrance Ceremonies will feature the personal birth chart of the client and overlay of transits with the influences of the evolutionary astrology of their past life and life purpose as indicated by their chart. Though any intention can be petitioned during these rituals, it is recommended to keep within the themes of the cosmic energy for the fastest results and most powerful Magick.

Astro-Ascension Magick (the approach to Magick and practice I created),  is a practice that combines Sorcery and Witchcraft techniques, astrology, incantations, clairalience and nose-taglia remembrance tools, sound frequency, energy modalities, herbal folk Magick, and divination. All sacred items used in ritual such as anointing oils and perfumes, candles, ritual tools and many altar items are handmade, spellcrafted and created with purpose and intention. 


Beespoke Ritual Fragrances are spelled and enchanted custom fragrances designed to wear, and anoint sacred objects and candle magick with. The fragrances are ritualistically created under specific cosmic alignments, your birth chart energy and the specific intention you are wanting to embody. In this way, through the wearing of the spell, you BECOME the spell, YOU ARE THE MAGICK. 



Astrology I:I sessions offer spiritual guidance through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology. Together we uncover the cosmic blueprint of your birth chart by understanding the challenges and opportunities on your soul’s evolutionary path. Gain clarity and direction in matters of love, business, life purpose, obstacles, karma, past lives, and future opportunities. Other divination tools may be used to expand upon your situation such as channeling, scrying, pendulum, tarot, dowsing etc. Evolutionary Astrology & Hermetic Teachings offer the framework of soul ascension and quantum potentiality, so fixed fate questions will not be answered with absolution but rather with quantum potential. I do not answer questions about other people: (example: Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Or will my boss give me a raise?).  Instead we dive into the archetypal and symbolic fields to bring light, shadow and meaning so that you are empowered to take aligned action in your life. The Hermetic principles of “ As above, so below, as within, so without”, reflect the idea that your birth chart is not just a tool to understand who you are and who you are becoming this incarnation, but your birth chart IS you. You ARE the cosmos, and when you can embody the cosmic expression projected in your unique chart, your life can be filled with power and purpose.

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