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"Rites of Passage are ceremonial rituals that mark important transitional periods in a persons life. These rites prepare one to embark on a new role or renewed version of themselves, whilst giving closure to a past experience or old role."
Duchess Bianca Of Eastwick

The Birth of Purpose
The Sacrament of  Relationship
The Sacrifice of Change
The Anointing of Abundance
The Initiation of  Leadership
The Surrender of Self
The Funerary of  Grief
The Fertility of New
The Rite of Protection
The Consecration of Discernment


rite of passage
rite of passage


Rite Of Passage Rituals 

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The Birth of Purpose

This Rite of Passage is encouraged for anyone who is feeling lost, struggling to find purpose or meaning, is looking to embark on a new role, new career, new chapter. This ritual is helpful if you have feelings of inadequacy, struggle with finances, self worth, have a traumatic birth story (c-sections, felt unwanted during your mothers pregnancy, were adopted, have a twin, or  have health complications.) It can be a yearly birthday or new year resolution ritual.





The Sanctification of  Relationship

This Rite of Passage is encouraged for anyone who is embarking upon a new relationship (with the self, God, or others). It is helpful if you have developed survival or coping mechanisms that are hindering your relationships. This can look like the displacement of masculine or feminine roles, jealousy, lust (porn addiction), envy, power struggles, insecurities, infidelity, or struggle with long term partnerships or mental, physical and emotional intimacy. Also helpful if you are looking to level up or get more serious in your relationship, or are struggling to find a partner aligned with your values. 

The Sacrifice of Change

This Rite of Passage is encouraged for anyone who is wants to let go of limiting behaviors, addictions, or is struggling with change. Helpful for anyone who is looking to embark on a new healed version of themselves but feels stuck in old cycles. This ritual is supportive for those that want to let go of toxic habits, or toxic people. negative relationships, identity in old behaviors, emotional eating, lack of self care or exercise, obsessive cyclical thinking, anger outbursts, consumption of porn, drugs, alcohol, smoking, gaming, excessive shopping, lying, gambling, or other "too much" behaviors. It is also helpful when sudden unexpected change has occurred such as the loss of a loved one, a break up, being fired from a job, needing to move or change homes etc. 

The Anointing of Abundance

This Rite of Passage is encouraged for anyone who is feeling lack, or in poverty consciousness. It also supports those struggling with overspending, in unhealthy relationship with money, or those in delusion or entitlement toward abundance. The ritual supports those with feelings of envy toward others, and those who lack meaning in relationships, consumed with materialism or the superficial.The rite also supports  those who overcompensate, those who are"workaholics" , experiencing burn out, feelings of self-doubt, and those who have generational debt or poverty in their lineage.

The Initiation of  Leadership

This Rite of Passage is encouraged for anyone who is stepping into a level up or increase of responsibility. Supportive of those who are being initiated into parenthood, adulthood, marriage and partnerships, influence roles, new career positions or becoming more "visible" due to fame, social media platforms or in any setting of leadership.  It also supports those struggling with feeling stuck in current jobs, roles or positions where they are not being valued for their worth. The ritual supports those with feelings of envy toward celebrities or thought leaders... if one is feeling envy or jealousy toward others, lack of purpose and staying small in their life, they could be ignoring the call of the initiation to leadership. We are all called to be the star of our own lives.

The Surrender of Self

This Rite of Passage is encouraged for those who are stuck in self sabotage, overly fixated on "healing", feeling "flawed" or "broken", or in a victimized or blame state. May identify with being an "empath" or "surviver". Helpful for those who feel, "I can never get a break", or always at war with with someone or something. This rite is for those who may feel cursed, or consider themselves to have "bad luck", or that nothing that ever goes their way. They may struggle with feelings of hopelessness, rumination, self criticism, loneliness, or feeling like an "outsider". Struggles may also occur with body image. This rite of passage marks the surrender of ones thoughts being their own worst enemy and initiates, productivity, outward connection, expansion, and peace in mind.

The Funerary of  Grief

This Rite of Passage is encouraged for anyone who is experiencing an ending. A break up, a death, an end of an era and new chapter, and end of an old belief system, or simply an old version of yourself. Grief is arguably one of the most ignored emotions in our culture which may account for the cultural sickness. There is often unprocessed grief as the root of every "dis-ease" which can manifest as many things but ultimately is the chain that keeps you stuck in cycles.

 There is grief with every change or rite of passage, and with a culture that trains you to "stop crying", "get over it", "move on" and praises you for your ability to "get back up again" so quickly, the grief process is often shamed and a hidden source of feeling stuck when attempting to live your preferred reality.

  The Rite of Protection/ The Consecration of Discernment

This Rite of Passage is encouraged for anyone and everyone period. Protection rituals are a rite to your divine protection under God. This rite is suggested for spiritual attacks, witchcraft, curses, generational agreements or even more subtle negative energies. Everything is energy and by that understanding, everything is also spiritual. Our human biology is extremely powerful and was designed to operate in a certain frequency , to eat certain foods, to be exposed to the natural elements, to have intimate relationships and community.  The world we live in is the DIRECT inversion of everything we need to be our most powerful protected selves. By association, anything that doesn't support our inherent divinity (creation in the image of God), is an attack and scientifically is shown to lower our vibratory state (which is the correlation with all ills : mental, physical and emotional). Is everything the devil? Well yes, and no. It depends on the perception of evil. My definition of the devil, is anything that keeps us away from our true power as humans and our relationship with our creator God.










Add on to any Rite of Passage Ritual (at checkout). Mailed to you within 7 days of your ritual.



What are they?​

Anointing Oils are Ritual Fragrances designed to wear, anoint sacred objects, sanctify your sacred spaces, protect your home, and use in rites of passage. They are specifically created to continue the remembrance of your Rite of Passage and fortify the strength of your new covenant .

How does it work?​

Fragrance and "nose" nostalgia have powerful connection to collective archetypal remembrance.The psychology of scent is an underutilized, subtle, yet powerful tool to reprogram and "remember" your "signature" imprint, the power in your design. Anointing Oils are in essence a type of baptism or re-birth ritual and rite of passage. Anointing oils mark a change in a new version of you.


How are they made?​

All fragrances are Phthalate] FREE, handcrafted using herb infusions,  essential oils, flower and crystal, wood and metal hydrosols, CO2 extraction, and steam distillation. Corresponding essences based on your selected rite of passage, intake evaluation / consultation, are then blended to create your unique Signature Scent. In addition, all blends include protection oils corresponding to the doctrine of signatures and ancient biblical text recipes.

Custom Anointing Oils

--Luke 10:19 : Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing by any means shall hurt you. 

On Biblical Anointing with Oils-

"Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. " John 12:3 

Smell plays an important part in the biblical narrative, from the aromas of burnt offerings in the Old Testament through to the precious perfume used shortly before the Passion to anoint Christ. From Genesis 2 to Revelation 18 there are more than 200 references to perfume, odor, and smell. The sense of smell is one of the oldest in animal evolution. And, even if it is not the prime sense for humans, it remains one of great potency. As the Bible writers knew well, smell has a powerful effect on the emotions. Smell evokes memories and, in the right circumstances, can induce a sense of the sacred, if not the direct consecration of the Holy Spirit & Christ himself. The name "Christ" means "anointed one".

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