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Quantum Reprogramming Audio Hypnosis

The Duchess of Eastwick

National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotist

5-PATH® Certified Hypnotist

7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

Certified Teacher

Quantum Reprogramming Hypnosis Audio's offer a systematic reprogramming of erroneous subconscious and unconscious programs learned through trauma and survival mechanisms. In the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, Quantum Reprogramming codifies and anchors in aligned beliefs and intentions while deprogramming faulty or limited beliefs in the subconscious mind. If you find your self in resistance in a certain area of your life, it is likely because your conscious mind and actions are being hindered by the programs of the subconscious. Deprogramming and Reprogramming offers a way to get all aspects of the mind on the same page resulting in aligned action. Whether you are trying to lose weight, have more self confidence, forgive and find closure, make more money, find your soulmate, etc. Quantum Reprogramming can clear the resistance and help align you with your highest and best life! Purchase according to your current manifestation goal or purchase the package for the entirety of all offerings.



Ever wondered why it’s so hard to make lasting change? Why you can’t get rid of that bad habit, or you seem to revert to old negative patterns and feelings about yourself, or you keep attracting the same situations in your relationships? Perhaps you find yourself in a money limitation and you just can’t seem to get ahead despite your best efforts.


Why is it so hard to change who we are to become better versions of ourselves, to live our best lives? Most of us spend all of our lives wishing, hoping, and trying to get things to change but they don’t. Why?


You are a program.


Consider yourself like a blank tape and when you came into this world you recorded everything you would need to know for your survival the first few years of your life.


Guess what? Likely, you are still running on that old program. This program was shaped by events in your life, simple or traumatic, that taught you how to assign MEANING for your best survival. For example, perhaps you assigned a negative meaning which generates the emotion of fear or anger during the first occasion in which you saw your parents violently fight.


That meaning and emotion gets stored in the subconscious mind where it plays and replays to continuously reinforce any outside situation that matches the original one. It then gets stored in the unconscious mind as a feeling or an autonomic

body response which may generate feelings of an anxiety attack or fear or anger, and the chemical responses (blood pressure rising, lump in throat, face turning red) in response to current life situations.

 About Quantum Reprogramming™(QR Hypnosis)


The thing is, the current response of panic or road rage or punching someone in the face may not be warranted at all, but is a stored response from the past. In fact, most of these stored programs are based on erroneous emotions that then become our limiting beliefs.


It is the job of the program of the sub/unconscious mind to continuously filter and run things through the old program. If you try to consciously reprogram – “I’m going to get better at”.. going to the gym, or my anger, or managing my anxiety etc., the sub/unconscious mind will automatically throw it out as it does not match your old beliefs, or stored emotions.


Perhaps you are running the program “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy”, “I’m not loveable”. Perhaps you try to override these programs with new habits or new emotional responses or meditation or positive mantras or self-help books. This information is only entering the conscious mind! The new information is being rejected by the sub/unconscious mind by its critical factor filters that don’t match the old information. This can mean you are trying to install a new program without uninstalling the old one!


Imagine a computer trying to run on a new program without uninstalling the old one. Likely, there are mistakes, frustrations, resistance, and the new program cannot be lasting and successful with the faulty old programs still in place.


This is where Quantum Reprogramming (QR) comes in.


Hypnosis works by lowering the threshold of suggestibility so that suggestions can be accepted by all three levels of the mind. Consciously, Subconsciously, and Unconsciously. This allows not only for the deprogramming of root causes (erroneous emotion, which has led to limiting beliefs), but also the reprogramming of new emotions and belief systems that serve your highest and best. These are the NEW programs you will run to achieve the next version of you. 

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