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New Moon In Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

Abundance Honey Jar Group Spell.

Fighting for and healing our inner child.

There was a way you always wanted to feel when you were a child. Whether it was feeling POWERFUL, being SEEN, UNDERSTOOD, LOVED exactly for being you or being taken seriously as a beautiful and authentic soul…. IN THIS SPELLWORK, we heal the abandoned inner child, fight and reclaim that power, that feeling.

You are abundant

You are worthy

You are seen

You are supported

You are understood

and I love you.

The Duchess Of Eastwick

All the candles burned down quickly and within seconds of each other. There are some really cool images in the wax as well. See what you can make out in the images.

We are looking for a complete burn with 360 seal of wax around the jar. Wax moving forward is foward motion toward goals and intentions. In the case we have lots of wax spilling to the back, there is healing from the past as the main focus before moving forward.

In the order they went out: