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Solomon Crown of Success Group Spell

Crown Of Success Group Spell

In the order they finished



There’s lots of tied up energy presently on the right side (viewers left). This is the action taking place toward your goals. It’s a bit tangled showing lots of moving parts and people’s choice and will affecting your desired outcome. We do see the wax moving toward the left for balance, however a blockbuster/ road opener is recommended to clear out some of the combustion.


Your wax is smooth and extends out nicely. Focus on listening to your intuition with quick action.


The potential for all your success is here, however, your mind needs sharpening and focus. Wax is smooth on the right side showing forward movement and opportunities, just make sure to train your mind not to let outside energies or inner self sabotage interfere.


You have some tiering that formed a wand moving forward. This can signify a release of control or power struggle. Sometimes to overcome power struggle you surrender…. Sometimes you overcome by claiming your wand and rising up. Which do you need to do for your success?

#5 & #6

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