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Relationship Reconciliation/ Glamour, Influence/ Breakthroughs/ Justice Group Ritual

(Venus trine Uranus, Mercury Retro in Libra)

This Spellwork Supports:Positive Breakthroughs in relationships, ability to influence your partner, breakthrough to them. Helpful in getting them to see your point of view. Great for finally getting that apology and creating smoother understanding. Venus influence supports beauty and attraction. Create a new look, revise your image, bring in that goddess energy just in time for Libra season.

Here are your candle numbers based on first and last initials:

  1. J.B

  2. M.V

  3. K.C

  4. J.G

  5. H.T

  6. S.M

  7. K.T

  8. R.M

  9. A.V