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Protection & Shielding Novena Group Ritual

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

This Spellwork Supports:

Protection & Shielding from mal intended energy, projections, jealousy, spellcraft, psychic attacks, negative entities.

Please check back in 7-9 days for full results of your spell including individual pictures and interpretation.

Novenas are cast over 9 days. Novena means 9 in Latin and it’s symbolic of fruition and birth. Over the course of the next 9 days, your candle is nourished daily with your intentions & the incantation. Additionally, blockbuster herbs may be needed as there is careful watch of the progression of your candle.

This infuses chronic and sustained energy toward your intentions. This doesn’t mean that it takes 9 days to see birth of the spell. As with all spells I cast, I expect to see shifts and changes or signs and symbols that are guides are working with us within 21 days. Full results are determined by many factors. Please see the “about” page under “Sorcery” for more info.

Here are your candle numbers listed according to your first and last initials on your intake. In the case that you have 2 candles, I will give a broad category of the theme so that you can differentiate.