“Only Me” Group Ritual witches jar and banishing if outside energy/ 3rd party

This Spellwork Supports:

This is a 2 candle combination spell (between you and another person) and includes a witches jar spell as well as candle magick.


This Spellwork Supports: 

Focused energy on the relationship. Clearing distractions and banishing 3rd party energy. Witches jars make "claim" to the contents in the jar. Please upload pics of you and the targets. You can also use it to manifest and claim future abundance (ie. ) by placing your "dream house"/ "dream car"/ in the jar

Here are your candle number based on first and last initials on the intake form

1 M.H

2. T.D

3. M.T

4. K.C

5. H.M.W

In the other they went out;

5 (much faster than the rest)

1,2,3,4 consecutive order and timing within minute of each other.

There are a few things we look at in Spellwork when it comes to the effectiveness of a spell.

We look at a few things to indicate blockages or success in the spell casting. Timing, Pyromancy & Ceromancy. Note that the ultimate success of the spell is always based on your free will and co-creation. The more internally aligned you are to receive the spell, the faster and better results you’ll see.

That being said, if you are in resistance at all to the Spellwork, the Spellwork works to clear your resistance and get you to the space of the best possible outcome.

Blockages in the spell casting can indicate there are other projections or internal resistance present. It does not mean the spell did not work. It may mean the spell encountered internal or external resistance or blocks that were only able to allow the spell to partially work, or the work is incomplete and may need to be recast.

In the case of blockage, it is recommended to schedule an “after care” session or Spiritual Coaching Session to discuss your results. In this session, Duchess can help determine the root cause and recommend or facilitate further ritual, hypnosis, coaching or breathwork to best clear the blockage and get the highest and best outcome of your intended goal or desire

We also look at the JARS within a jar spell. The content in a "witches" jar takes possession of the people or objects and makes them yours. It's as close as I get to a binding.

The spell continues to work inside the jar for 30 days combining short active and long chronic spell timing for best efficiency.

We want the jar to show wax seal around the entire thing ti show the energy of the Spellwork had entered.

If wax has only spilled to one side or the other use this graph : left fem, right masc, back past, front future. It's a good indicator of the story line of the images in the wax as well.

Example below: not completely sealed 360 viewers left actual right (masculine) has a gap of wax and seal on the jar.

This connection can show feminine dominance, or perhaps more awareness of issue or karma/ spiritual clearing. The wax is moving forward so there are efforts to move this connection to a higher level.

wax sits in the "past" behind the jar showing the history May be rich with this couple. Perhaps entangled. Outside energy is not affecting them whatsoever as their waxes don't touch and move beyond the black candle.

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