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“Only Me” Group Ritual witches jar and banishing if outside energy/ 3rd party

This Spellwork Supports:

This is a 2 candle combination spell (between you and another person) and includes a witches jar spell as well as candle magick.


This Spellwork Supports: 

Focused energy on the relationship. Clearing distractions and banishing 3rd party energy. Witches jars make "claim" to the contents in the jar. Please upload pics of you and the targets. You can also use it to manifest and claim future abundance (ie. ) by placing your "dream house"/ "dream car"/ in the jar

Here are your candle number based on first and last initials on the intake form

1 M.H

2. T.D

3. M.T

4. K.C

5. H.M.W

In the other they went out;

5 (much faster than the rest)