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No F*cks Given

Group Ritual

No F*cks Given

Group Ritual

This Spellwork Supports:

Help with inward focus

Feeling strong and unapologetic

Claiming your inner authority

Drive for getting passion projects done!

Increased drive, ambition, energy, excitability, assertiveness, and initiative. Energetic activities boosted. Favorable for all businesses, commercial & finance.

We look at a few things to indicate blockages or success in the spell casting. Timing, Pyromancy & Ceromancy. Note that the ultimate success of the spell is always based on your free will and co-creation. The more internally aligned you are to receive the spell, the faster and better results you’ll see.

That being said, if you are in resistance at all to the Spellwork, the Spellwork works to clear your resistance and get you to the space of the best possible outcome.

Blockages in the spell casting can indicate there are other projections or internal resistance present. It does not mean the spell did not work. It may mean the spell encountered internal or external resistance or blocks that were only able to allow the spell to partially work, or the work is incomplete and may need to be recast.