New Moon in Virgo Abundance Jar Group Ritual

New Moon in Virgo

Abundance Jar Group Spell

This Spellwork supports Abundance in all forms. The Jars contain the Magick of the incantations and petitioning as well as the casting according to the energy of each new moon. Your Spellwork for each new moon continues to work until the next new moon, and the contents and spellwork held in the jar continue to get stronger with each working. A different candle is used each casting in accordance to the energy of the spell. Over time you will see a patina of different energies cascade down the jars indicating theirs strength.

We look at a few things to indicate blockages or success in the spell casting. Timing, Pyromancy & Ceromancy. Note that the ultimate success of the spell is always based on your free will and co-creation. The more internally aligned you are to receive the spell, the faster and better results you’ll see.

That being said, if you are in resistance at all to the Spellwork, the Spellwork works to clear your resistance and get you to the space of the best possible outcome.

Blockages in the spell casting can indicate there are other projections or internal resistance present. It does not mean the spell did not work. It may mean the spell encountered internal or external resistance or blocks that were only able to allow the spell to partially work, or the work is incomplete and may need to be recast.

In the case of blockage, it is recommended to schedule an “after care” session or Spiritual Coaching Session to discuss your results. In this session, Duchess can help determine the root cause and recommend or facilitate further ritual, hypnosis, coaching or breathwork to best clear the blockage and get the highest and best outcome of your intended goal or desire.


In the order they finished


The timing will be indicated as you view the duration of the spell through the pictures. There are 3 plates with 6 jar spells.

Plate 1: 1-6 clockwise

Plate 2: 6-12 clockwise

Plate 3: 13-18 clockwise

A faster burn will indicate existing alignment and faster execution.  A slower burn indicates the spell is working to get you in alignment.


Pyromancy is the reading of the flames in your spell. We look for strong flames that have nice tips and blue roots. There were no blocks in the pyromancy.


Ceromancy is the reading of the wax in your spell. In this casting we simply look that the wax is creating a seal of drips around the jar, locking the Spellwork in. 360 seal is the best, however any drips are considered positive.

Certain images in the final finished plate of wax may be interpreted as signs or further messages for you. You are invited to tune into the images and determine any intuitive messages for you.

In addition, Duchess also looks at the wax as it’s melting in the spell to determine issues or blocks.

Successful wax will show smoothness and coverage over most of the plate. Left side coverage is spiritual, while right side coverage is practical. Backside coverage is past, Front side coverage is future, and Middle coverage is present. Absence of wax in a certain area may indicate imbalance in your co-creation. For example, if all the wax is spilling to the back of the plate, there may be an imbalance of your co-creation to move forward and a feeling of being stuck in the past. In addition, the spell may be working to clear the past, so that you can move forward.

Pictures are taken at the same time at different intervals so you can see how your candle compares with other candles.

If you need additional help or info about your spell, please schedule an “after care” Follow Up consult to meet personally with Duchess.

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