New Moon in Taurus Abundance Honey Jar Group Spell

New Moon in Taurus

Partial Solar Eclipse

Abundance Jar

Group Spell


Self Worth, Material Gain, Finances, Luck, Building Love & Money, Stability in Love or Money

In general we like to see a complete burn with significant flames. We like the wax to seal the jar on all sides with the wax moving frontward to show minimal resistance.

In the order they went out:

1, 9, 14, 10, 11, 3, 13, 16, 18, 15, 8, 2, 4, 7, 6

#1 beautiful text book burn. All sides sealed and wax moving forward.

#9 wax moving toward left side energy, feminine abundance & ability to receive

#14 a little tiering, clearing, not much forward movement, but no regression either.

#10 beautiful seal, well rounded energy

#11 forward motion with slight resistance in ability to receive

#3 balance masculine and feminine energy

#13 slight blocks in moving forward/ active energy. It’s possible that there is some past patterns still holding you back from your manifestation.

#16 clean burn, well rounded wax. Building pyramid candle was selected to give you more stability.

#18 clean even burn. Lots of motion forward. Lucky cat fast luck for quick Abundance.

#15 perfect burn, building stable energy.

#8 wax spilling forward and to the active masculine side. Great movement

#2 clean burn forward momentum

#4 Well sealed, clean burn.

#7 wax spilling to the active masculine, renewed energy and capacity for wealth.

#6 significantly slower than the rest of the candles. Nice seal but the energy is just slow. Shows a bit of blockage. Connect with me for guidance m.

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