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Moon Magick Membership

Full Moon in Aquarius Burn Ceremony &

Tarot Reading

An MP3 was mailed to members that contained the channeled guidance on the cosmic energy to support your intentions for this release.

Your intentions have been supported in the burn ceremony. Additionally the tarot reading may offer guidance to help support your continued release, shadow work and co-creative choices over the next 2 weeks as we prepare for our NEW MOON ritual.

You can access your reading on YouTube (private link)

Using this link:

Follow the time stamps under your number to skip to your reading

Here are your numbers listed according to your first and last initials on your intake. In the case that you have more than one candles or intentions, I will give a broad category of the theme so that you can differentiate.

  1. A.T

  2. Z.A

  3. M.T

  4. L.A

  5. A.S

  6. D.P

  7. S.C