Glamour & Influence Group Spell

Glamour & Influence

Group Spell

Your number assignment: By initials










In the order they went out:

9, 6, 3, 1, 2, 5, 4, 8, 7

#1 Beautiful burn, final wax is really smooth and covers most of the plate. I see an image of lovers embracing, so it looks like this especially showing influence and sway over romantic partnerships.

#2 Nice and smooth! Lots of forward momentum. You are starting a new chapter but will continue to revisit the past, especially relationships as you align in attracting the right ones through you glamour and influence. Masculine yang energy looks great on the darter or money front. Nice & smooth.

#3 Nice coverage of the wax. Lots of new people are coming into your reality through collaboration or networking. You’ve leveled up and are attracting more aligned partnerships.

#4 Very smooth with lots of right side energy indicating favorable business connections

#5 Also nice coverage of the plate. Lots of forward momentum. The flow of the wax shows going around obstacles. Use your creative energy to influence. Resourcefulness is key.

#6 Extremely smooth and supportive in your personal life and live life. On the external, you have many people you have to “convince”. Continue to work to remove fear and boost confidence in co-creation. Your sparkle is needed. Now is not the time to play small.

#7 Mostly smooth, however there is one particular person “in your way”. Winning them over looks to open up so many doors for you. The energy looks female and they may have jealousy towards you. Perhaps an additional evil eye Spellwork will keep the projections away so you can continue to SLAY.

#8 The flow of the wax is interesting on yours. Lots of things coming full circle, as If people or situations from the past work to bring you what you now need. This looks more professional rather than personal. Perhaps a raving review or referral or opportunity opening up from the past good work you done.

#9 Really smooth and fast burn. I do see a pregnancy. I had a client where I saw a pregnancy in her wax for a year (she didn’t want more children and was not planing on it). Then bam! Pregnant! So if children are wanted, then you are using your sway and influence to build the life you are dreaming of. If you don’t want children right now, it could be a metaphorical birth of something new.

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