Full Moon in Pisces

Updated: Sep 12

Water Release Ceremony

This Full Moon in Pisces Supports:

Release of addictions, impurities, fog, uncertainty, creative blocks. Banishing of negativity and anything in the way of connection to your spirit and spirit guides.

It supports inspiration, tuning in, epiphanies, enlightenment, clearing and cleansing of mind body & spirit, psychic abilities.

Here are your numbers for your Tarot Card Pull.

Based on first & last initials

Tarot cards are listed in order from 1-18

  1. A.T

  2. Z.A

  3. M.T

  4. L.A

  5. A.S

  6. D.P

  7. S.C

  8. M.M

  9. A.C

  10. D.O

  11. J.B

  12. C.M

  13. C.H

  14. B.T

  15. Z.A for F

  16. Z.A for K

  17. M.S

  18. K.C

1. Three of Wands: You are doing all the right things and taking right action. Spirit wants you to know your efforts are paying off and there are really good things to look forward to. Your health, finances and other goals are being soothed and purified by this moon.

2. Three of Stars: Spirit is telling you that it's ok to ask for help. You don't have to do it alone. Support is here for you. Thus moon is helping you to tap into your higher self who is always there for you. Reestablish that connection and strengthen it. Allow the voice from your higher self to become stronger than the neglected and wounded child. Purify and see and know who you really are.

3. Six of Stars : Spirit is using the energy of this moon to bring justice in your relationships. Do your part by not over investing and staying balanced in who and what you give your time and energy. Pay attention to what lives rent free in your head. Purify and rectify those thoughts by tuning into how you can create more balance in your life.... and how you can forgive yourself for not taking special care of your energy, especially in matters of the heart.

4. Queen of Cups: This moon helps you really tap into your intuition. You are gaining trust in your "gut feelings" and no longer doubting yourself the way you once did. Spirit wants you to know that you've reached a new level of intuition and ability to make sound decisions and action. Your intuition is stronger and more sound than your logic. Lean in. Lots of beautiful information is coming in with clarity.

5. Ace of Wands: Go for it! This is spirit saying you have the green light. You've been connecting with your spirit and tuning inward and it shows. Whatever you've been thinking about, this is a YES. However, don't push forward, flow forward from your desire. And remember not to launch anything during the Mercury retrograde. You may be getting some epiphanies and full bodied "fuck yes's" but sit with it and really develop it first.

6. Page of Cups: There may be some parts of you that you aren't fully feeling. Possibly the feelings of "not good enough" are strong or even just bring a bit afraid what might be coming up for you. This moon invites you to go deeper. It's safe to feel and you're not alone. This process will initiate you into opening your heart wide and graduate you into a more romantic energy. Either with yourself or the potential of a romantic partner. Feel. Let your heart break open. Trust that in this space it will allow more love in your life.

7. The Devil: This is a huge cord cutting moon for you. A lot of Karmic clearing around the things that have kept you bound. The sun in Virgo with the Moon in Pisces is purifying you from the things that may be preventing you from your progress and clarity. Things will become much clearer to you in the days that follow. You'll be stepping into a knowing and lightness of being as the weighted chains from the past finally break free.

8. Two of Cups: Your cup is full and it's because someone special in your life knows exactly how to fill it. This is where depending on someone may feel uncomfortable for you. You've been so hyper independent in the past and there's a disappointment in yourself for not "getting yourself together". Spirit says it's ok. Let them support you and take care of you. It's your turn now. Though you may have many personal goals for the future, you may need to reasses them from a more spiritual point of view. What is success to your spirit? Focus on that, and not what the world's version of what success is.

9. Ten of Stars: Everything is finally coming together for you. It's like all the puzzle pieces (especially financial) are fitting together. Spirit wants you to know that there is a union or reunion coming. Connection with either an aspect of yourself or someone you've been separated from. I'm getting strong feelings of that Disney white picket fence feeling. The whole house and dog and relationship, family support, and healthy finances. You've worked hard and deserve every bit of what's coming but don't forget to rest. Take a vacation, a break from social media... it's ok to say no. Quietude by a body of water will serve you well.

10. The Chariot: If you've been connecting with your intuition around a move, spirit is giving you the big thumbs up. I see a more supportive environment for you, more expansion, and more balance for you in this new environment. A long awaited balance in your work / play life is finally coming to fruition. It might be a bit before this new environment, but start planning now because things will move FAST once it's time.

11. Four of Wands: Relationship stability. Your desires finally feel grounded and not all flightly and squirmy. This is largely due to the incredible patience you've had with yourself. You've been practicing grace and it shows. In the past you've allowed uncertainty to derail you, but you've grown so much. You sat with the discomfort of the unknown and quick moving timeline shifts. Now things are stabilizing and it feels even sweeter than ever before. Stay in your center, things having the potential of becoming unstable again if you lose focus on yourself.

12. The High Priestess: This moon is finally bringing you clarity on something that was just under the surface. The fog is lifting and what you've been feeling all along, but not trusting is being revealed. Though the news is not fun, you're not surprised. Though the news is bitter, the confirmation brings a sweetness in that you gain confidence in your psychic abilities. This opens up even more flow through the crown chakra. You're entering an entirely new way of relating to the world and it feels fucking powerful!

13. The Empress: You're feeling responsible for someone and it's weighing you down. Until you clear this codependent energy, you'll feel blocked in your creativity and the projects that you want to start or the new ideas you want to implement will feel stagnant. You are not responsible for this person. You've become more of a "mother" type energy and a guilty ridden hovering Mother at that. If there's some part of you that feels obligated or unable to break free from this unhealthy dynamic, tune into resolving any resentments with your own mother or healing the mother wound inside you. Once you start to heal this, your energy will flow again.

14. Ten of Wands: You are finally releasing a HUGE burden. Part of this is coming from needing to control your environment, your content, your image, and the way people see you. The ten of wands means we are carrying a load that is better served shared. See where you can surrender to the support that is around you. Delegate. Release control. People want to help you and support us all around you yet you don't trust it. Tune in. Your body will tell you what steps to take. It will feel calm and intuitive. Get out of your head with projections of how people might fuck you over. People are on your side. I promise.

15. Night of Cups: You bring so much love into peoples lives. Sometimes it's easy to forget that part of our human experience is serving others too. You are here to affect everyone's lives around you with your charm and beautiful smile. You are like Magick, shifting everyone's experience with just one glance. This moon asks you to recommit to enjoying the service of being Human. It's not always about what you get, but also about what you give. The more you give, the more you get. Luckily, for you, giving is not hard. Just be yourself and don't push or try to hard. Great gifts are coming in return.

16. The Magician: Spirit is asking you to focus on learning a new task, craft or skill. Mercury retro is very supportive of this inward energy and you'll be able to pick up this new skill very quickly. This will be HUGE for your confidence and development as a strong independent and resourceful person. Not only can it help you at work, but your new found confidence will support growth in your relationships and in your decision making. This is the start of a snowball effect of positive flow and energy in your life.

17. The Five of Wands: Fives are all about change and the conflict that can arise when we strive to make changes in our lives. Sometimes you think it's your own inner fears or laziness, but a lot of the times we fear the people around us won't support those changes. They'll criticize or abandon us. Perhaps they project on to us who THEY want us to be, and our lack of boundaries and assertiveness can fall prey to the cage they've put us in. This moon asks you to break free from those outer conditionings.

The more you tap into your highest self's expression of you. The freer you'll be to be unapologetically you. THIS is where the resistance is coming from. You're not lazy or scared, your just not tapped into future you. Envision who you want to become, then start by slowly doing, saying, and practicing the expression of what they would do. Soon enough, you'll realize you're her!

18. Three of Cups: Good times! Lots of celebrations are ahead for you and there's no shortage of new friends, like minded peeps and social gatherings and dare I say it... adult beverages!!. Be sure to moderate those good times with some good ol introversion, cleansing and a little discipline won't hurt ya either. I know I knowwwwww, there really IS so much to celebrate for you and life is short. But I promise the good times will be even better if you add in a little meditation, balance the celebratory parktaking with lots of water, and get in the sauna once or twice. As much as you are bringing in new things into your life, you need to also honor the letting go of the old.

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