Full Moon in Aries

Updated: Oct 12

This Full Moon in Aries Supports:

Release of fears or blocks in going "all in", taking risks, leadership, commitment. It supports healing and balance within themes of relationships you vs. what you are in relationship with (be it romance, business partnerships, or what you are "relating to")

It supports soothing power dynamics with push and pull relationships, clearing out toxic ones that no longer serve, and is a deeply healing moon with Chiron in Aries (the wounded healer) & Libra in Venus clearing deep relationship wounds.

We did a fire ceremony appropriate for this Firey Aries Element.

Here are your numbers for your Tarot Card Pull.

Based on first & last initials

Tarot cards are listed in order from 1-18 left to right each row.

  1. A.T

  2. Z.A

  3. M.T

  4. L.A

  5. A.S

  6. D.P

  7. S.C

  8. M.M

  9. A.C

  10. L.P

  11. J.B

  12. R.D

  13. C.H

  14. B.T

  15. Z.A for F

  16. Z.A for K

  17. M.S

  18. K.C

  1. The Hierophant : This card is about sacred contracts that may be coming to an end for you. Encouragement to let go of contracts or obligations and people in your life that are tied to you by a bond other than your choosing. You have to clear these contracts in order to step into the next version of yourself. "The ties that bind" are words I keep hearing. Give yourself permission to release those who can't come with you. They are grasping at who you were and that leaves you in limbo. This is also encouragement to stop over booking yourself or doing the shit you don't want to do. What does your body love you for? When are you in sheer embodied joy? Your body could also be giving you messages to lean into more joy in the people, places, things that surround you. Life is short. Live it your best.

2. Ace of Presents (Pentacles) : This card could be signifying a level up in relationship. A declaration of commitment or gift and in fact it's frequently interpreted as an engagement ring. The ace indicates it's something new, a tactile gift not ever experienced before or experienced in a new way. Pay attention to where you may be wounded in receiving your worth because if you are not conscious, this gift could pass you by. This card also is indicative of portals open for you, ability to jump to a new timeline and see reality completely different than you have. Practice receiving compliments, notice if you are at all rejecting them or they are making you uncomfortable. Also notice if you are over giving in order to "get". If any of this energy is still present repeat the Mantra "I am worthy" and continue with root chakra work.

3. Two of Candles (Wands): The card of partnerships! Perhaps this moon is showing you something about your desires and sexual energy. What you truly want in relationship. You may be seeing and in fact, surprising yourself in that, as you've cleared wounds, you are realizing you have different needs and wants in relationship. This moon may be helping you to step back and really tune into yourself again. See the ways you've lost yourself in relationship in the past, or lost sight through tunnel vision of a desired outcome. There may be an opportunity or opening for a truly balanced relationship because of this realization in yourself. If you're not there already, you're about to feel completely different in your love life or even career. A balance between the self and other. This card can also show great business collaboration as a potential. Just continue to readjust if you fall into old patterns.

4. Three of Candles (Wands): A card of hopeful expectations, in its shadow, can represent anxiety over a future outcome. If you find yourself fixated on a "what if" or "i hope", pull back your energy to "everything is happening FOR me". This means you can let go of the outcome and the worry. Because even if it doesn't go your way.... it did. It happened for you. Trust that. Lean into that. That being said, this card is an omen of good things to come and your hard work finally paying off. It can be the physical arrival of something long awaited. The moon may be helping you to clear a childhood wound of being promised something that was never delivered. We all have these wounds but the universe is the loving parent that is super consistent in that it always delivers what your higher self wanted. Know that and use it to step higher in perspective in the big picture of the play we call life. This will help you to let go when you find your self fixated or "waiting for your ships to come in".

5. The Emperor : A powerful divine Masculine card and in fact the representative of Aries in the Tarot. This card is encouraging you to take leadership of the Empire you are creating. The Emperor is regal but is not afraid to get down and dirty as he wears his armor under his robe in the case he has to fight for what he wants. You are being given the extra strength during this moon to recommit to what you are fighting for. Or in other terms, what do you want? Go all in. Commit to your Empire because you are the Emperor. You don't do it for fame or glory.... it's nice, but you do it because that's what it takes to build an Empire! Feel the strength wash over you. Also see if you've been fighting for things or putting efforts to outcomes that are based on wounds and recorrect your commitment to a larger and more grand purpose. This is a time for healing the inner masculine. I imagine you've cleared a lot with the feminine, see if it feels good now to step into more leadership, discipline, fitness, weightlifting.... things that help you to feel powerful in your presence and in your body.

6. Seven of Potions (Cups): This card May be indicating that the moon is helping you to come to a sudden epiphany or realizations. Certain clarity where there was confusion or clouds. You may have also found yourself indulging in fantasy or food or avoidant behavior. This moon may have jolted you back to a goal or brought to surface whatever emotion you were avoiding. Perhaps you even have been allowing yourself to participate in a "story" you know is not real because it was easier than making a change. I'm feeling as though you may have a major life decision that you've been avoiding. The thing is.... you're only prolonging the feelings of stuckness by avoiding and if you do not do something now, you may fall into a sort of trap of your circumstances that will be 10 times as hard to shift later. Stop waiting until later. Do it now. Embody that Aries Leadership and Pioneering spirit. It starts with you. You are the reason you feel stuck. Do something about it. (Said lovingly)

7. The Empress: The embodiment of divine feminine in the Tarot is playing a major role in your worthiness to receive. She's a powerful force and so are you, so you may be clearing any wounds of self worth that don't resonate with her energy. This can definitely filter down into your relationships, but you should find more peace and power in similar circumstances in the past. You feel different now. I'm seeing a lot of womb healing for you as well and a lot of energy around fertility. Be careful if you don't want to get pregnant! Lol. Or take advantage of this energy to sow new seeds. What you plant now will be plentiful. I see literal children around you that may be acting as angels or oracles so pay attention to what they say. Polarities in your relationships are balancing. The Empress is renewing you. If you have a tarot deck, take the Empress card out and sleep with it under your pillow. I feel like there are a lot of messages around you. A crossroads of sorts that will help you leap to the next level if you listen to guidance around you and embody the energy of The Empress.

8. High Priestess: One of the most auspicious cards in the entire Tarot. I'm getting that you've crossed over into a different threshold, a rite of passage so to speak. You move different, speak different, are respected and seen differently with the catalyst of this moon. You've let go of some chaotic energy that was connected to childhood. The wounded little girl that had to throw tantrums for attention, the rebellious teen that wore "inappropriate" clothing and had to be different for fear of drowning in the mundane. You're still different, still rebellious, but there's no need to run away from responsibility anymore. There is no need to create chaos or become the "damsel in distress" in order to be seen. You are SEEN. Embrace it. Embrace that you have something to offer and you need not "do" anything about it. Just be. As you do this, the universe trusts you with more. More money, more power, more wisdom, more leadership. Women in particular are looking up to you. I see the vision of a medicine woman or shaman with students gathering around you. Perhaps you are integrating some power from your past life. Nonetheless it's time to claim this power and the responsibility that comes with it.

9. Queen of Candles (Wands): Holy crap all this amazing Power coming out to play this moon! As the Queen of Wands, this moon is directly connected to your Magick and possibly in a literal witchcraft way. I feel as though you've been experimenting with the call of remembrance. Remembering your power as a sacred witch. Maybe this moon is sparking even more interest and you find yourself devouring any "witchy" content. A gentle reminder that this path is a REMEMBRANCE. The Queen of Wands carves a path of her own and steps out of the box. This means you won't find what you are looking for in a book or on an IG profile. You are being called to tune in to YOUR Magick. You already have the wand. Though your particular path is personal, you are being invited to collaborate and become more social with like minded peers. It's Libra season after all and the balance between the self and others is heightening where you may be hiding in introversion or perhaps showing you where you've grown out of your current peer group. Don't be afraid to make new connections and get your flirt on.

10. Seven of Candles (Wands): The seven of wands calls us to defend ourselves by taking higher ground, being the bigger person, or I like to say... jumping a timeline so that you're untouchable. You may be barmbarded with the chaotic energy of the 5 of wands which is combative, confusing, & constructing. When two more wands are gained to make seven, this means that perhaps you will need help to get out of this destructive energy. It feels as though everyone is out to get you. I'm seeing this image of literal zombies all reaching for you and a hand from higher ground reaching towards you to lift you up where they cannot get you anymore. Help is here. The helping hand may be a partner or colleague, God or another diety or guide, or even your highest self. You don't have to participate in the chaos any longer. Notice where you have blockages with trusting or asking for help as this moon energy is asking to you notice where you have been taking on too much in the Shadow Aries energy. Yes we know you could do it yourself. And you are powerful. But you can do it much quicker and easier with help. There's no shame in asking for help. Practice defense Magick, protection, and pay the utmost attention to your spiritual hygiene at thus time. You will need it.

11. Three of Gifts (Pentacles): This card can be indicative of literal gifts coming to you through collaborations and teamwork. Raises, promotions, but more specifically a feeling of support from other people. I'm again feeling this sense of having to have had really firm boundaries with people that became walls. People have taken advantage of you and you don't trust them or frankly yourself. You're unsure of when to let people in, when to say no, when to make exceptions, when there are ulterior motives, or when people are genuine. I keep hearing "trust no one". But the thing is, once you trust yourself, you can break down some of theses walls you've built up that make you feel alone and without access. The secret is getting to understand what is a trigger, and what is intuition. It's been confusing for you and instead of figuring that out, you just closed your doors to everyone... including your own intuition. Practice regulating your nervous system through Breathwork and other somatic therapy. Practice forms of divination that don't have a trigger or charge. Games like "matching cards memory" or guessing who's calling etc. Sleep with a sache of mugwort, lavender, and calendula under your pillow. Make a Tea of it. All these things will help you embrace the partnerships support and teamwork. Remember that people are not black and white. They may be supportive and helpful in one moment and deceptive in the next. We all have selfish motives. It doesn't make someone a bad person.... just a person. It's up to you to set up flexible boundaries and trust yourself with how you let people in .... and out.

12. The Star:"When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you

If your heart is in your dream. No request is too extreme. When you wish upon a star. As dreamers do

Fate is kind. She lives to those who love. The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue.

Fate steps in and sees you through. When you wish upon a star.

Your dreams come true"....

Yes that was easy as it was just lyrics, but they especially apply here because I'm getting this childlike Aw energy surrounding this card. You're letting go of a lot of expectations that felt riggid and trapping for you. There's been an energy that feels free, ethereal, fantasy like but in a positive way that has taken that place.

When you were a child, before people criticized you for day dreaming, what did you dream about? Who did you want to be? You are being invited to step back into that whimsy for a portal is open to you and it wants you to stretch past your current situation and dream bigger. Being practical is nice it feels safe. But the safety belt can easily turn into constraint. You are being invited to push past. I like the excercize of imagining your highest manifestation goal, embodying the achievement, then being present with that --, what's after? What would you be manifesting AFTER you got what you dreamed of. This is a good way of stretching beyond and allowing spirit to come in where we've become overly practical. There is a time for practicality and a time for dreaming. Dare to dream.

13. Six of Needles (Swords): Moving on to smoother waters. The six of swords is the graduation after the five of swords... internal conflict. Conflict or word exchange with someone that leaves something unresolved with no one being the winner. Intrusive or obsessive thoughts... This moon allows for you to move past the turmoil and tumultuous waters. There has been a balance and healing but you still carry your wounds. The swords are still in your boat but they act as a glue, filling the holes that keeps your boat from sinking. What this means for you is that you may change, your perspective may change, there may be healing, but the situation is still there. You will experience a more peaceful time and it will bring balance so that you can achieve the things you've been working towards, but sooner or later... you're gonna need a new boat. Don't worry about that now. It's not the time, or it would be. This moon brings lots of peace and more importantly a shift in perspective. A great ascension has taken place.

14. Ace of Candles (Wands): Go for it! Yes. Magick. All messages of the Ace of Wands. A renewed desire and passion for your projects and possibly in the bedroom as well! This is the green light for driving and initiating and being fearless. You may have let go of "playing safe" as the Ace of Wands is a risk taker. You're going to feel energetic and passionate as you recommit to your goals. A recommendation though to not spread yourself too thin. A fire needs JUuust the right amount of oxygen to keep a flame... too much and it gets put out.

15. The Moon: The Moon card can indicate something is being pulled to the surface of the subconscious, something illuminated or the fruition of your goals come to completion. The moon aligns with divine feminine, especially coming to aid for helping the feminine come to more awareness of her gifts - "women's intuition". It can be a reminder that the cycles women go through is very much part of her power of adaptability. You are being given strength this moon to be even more resilient, stronger and more intuitive. Some things will be clearing out for you: from the shadows, subconscious, or darkness around you, as when they are illuminated they will have no more power. Darkness exposed to light is transmuted. There may also be insight around a particular sickness or darkness that has been around for "many moons" . The moon gives signal that there is flexibility and that nothing lasts forever even though sometimes it feels like it has and will. Many things are being exposed and released. Just breathe and let go. The moon is doing the work.

16. The Six of Candles (Wands): This is a card of victory, a level up, recognition for a job well done, promotion, or even a public declaration in your love life. Any way you look at it, you are leveling up. This however, is a bit of an uncomfortable energy for you I'm sensing. Not only are you uncomfortable with eyes on you, as you automatically perceive people are perceiving your faults instead of admiring your accomplishments, but you are also scared of the commitments and obligations that come with peoples expectations. This moon offers an invitation to release that. An opportunity to commit to the work but release what you think people think of you. You may have had many past experiences where there were critical eyes on you land you felt like you could never be good enough for "them". Be good enough for YOU. Commit to the achievements and to the challenges because it feels so good in the very journey of that dedication. We often get tripped up in the fear of not "winning" or not succeeding especially when there are eyes on us and people we may disappoint. It's not about them. Do it for you. Because it feels good to commit. To be in full devotion. Enjoy the sacredness of it and don't worry about the rest. And if people clap for you then enjoy that too.

17. Nine of Needles (Swords): Anxious Energy may mean that you are projecting into a potential future of gloom. You may catch your mind frequently going over different scenarios as to what could happen. You may be playing them out in your dreams as well. There's a reason for the expression "my mind got away from me". Without careful containment and training, are minds can have a field day creating stories, potential realities, comebacks to what a person may or may not say, solutions to problems that are not even there. That's takes up a lot of energy. Not only that, but you may be giving power to potential realities based in fear. Be careful what you wish for and think of. Your mind is a powerful manifestor but left untrained, it's like the XMen running rampant with raw gifts being underutilized and falling prey to the unyielding flux of emotion, triggers and anger which sets them off. You have a strong mind. A Magickal Mind. But it has run away from you. This moon is reminding you that there is danger in the Impulsivity of the Shadow Aries. The impulsivity of thought without the discipline of mind. Pay attention to where your mind goes. If you find yourself future projecting, practice mantras, breathwork, or vigorous movement to pull yourself back to the present. Then start to work on retraining the mind to stay more present, and more "on course" with what you are manifesting.

18. The Ten of Needles (Swords): Oh finally something that has been a major pain in your ass comes to a close. The 10 of swords may sometimes indicate a person who is malicious, gaslighting and back stabbing is present in your life, but more than anything it establishes closure and endings to a looooong awaited event. It's a closing of a 10 year cycle for you in it's more essoteric meaning. Think back to where you were 10 years ago, you are moving onto a new chapter and it will be clear as to who or what you are releasing. Sometimes the 10 of swords brings a big final "pain" before its release, so if the moon is heightening something that has been a royal pain, just know it's about to be released. The 10 of swords always graduates to the Ace of Swords which can mean good news, new truths and realizations, positive contracts and communication, a new beginning. Home stretch..... you've got this.

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