Focused Mind Group Spell

Focused Mind Group Spell

In the order they went out:

1, 3, 5, 2, 6, 4

They all finished minutes of each other so there are no time blockages.

We seek for all of the wax to melt through to confirm full cast of the spell.

There were blockages where this is concerned in #1

#1 The entirety of your face fell off and off the plate. There were several others of you that had a mask that fell off, however yours continued to burn whist on the plate.

A mask falling off can signify authenticity. Clearing the clutter and focusing on alignment through detoxing your obligations, where you are “pretending”, saving face. Etc. Numbers 3, and 5 you also had this, however you burnt through it which means you are willing to clear that in order to align. #1 less so, or outside circumstances make it extremely difficult.

Consider a blockbuster uncrossing spell. This does not mean your spell was unsuccessful, it nearly means once you get out of the way and do your part, it can be more complete.

The rest of you look amazing!

Such smooth finishes on the wax and complete burns.

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