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Crown Chakra Reiki Group Spell Activation (for connection with guides and gifts)

Crown Chakra Group Spell

In the order they went out:


All were successful with no issues, some of you showed you need a little more balance to bring in your psychic gifts and connection.

#1 Your root of the candle ;base, did not burn through completely. I’d consider further reiki work on the root chakra or work to ground. You may not fully be in your “purpose” and be searching. Root chakra affects “why am I here” and ability to manifest on the 3D . (I’ve sent you a message in regards to this) You have many ancestoral energies around you. Tapping into your hereditary lineage will be helpful. You come from a long line of Mystic’s.

#2 You are in a balancing of two worlds. The spiritual and the material. Very smooth wax, your gifts are here. Continue to work with opposite energies masculine/ feminine, left / right, etc. to fully integrate your gifts.

#3 Lots of smooth wax. Looks great. I see a grandfather spirit. Look for your roots with indigenous culture. Grandfather also represents “rocks”, meaning you are akin to crystal energy and gifted to work with them. Also get out in the “rocks” / nature, to connect more with your guides.

#4 Also a strong connection with Ancestoral energies and those who have passed that carriers a gifted lineage. Smooth wax moving forward, showing you are absolutely applying these gifts in your daily life. Perhaps even in career and money.

#5 Lots of Angel Energy, and even connection with Christ Consciousness. Are you baptized? Jesus energy coming in strong. Perhaps remedy connection around religion. There’s a disconnect where you may be pushing away spirit perhaps because of religious influences that don’t resonate. Work to reframe this. There are a TON of different guides and info that want to come in.