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Coffin Binding & Burial

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

This Spellwork Supports:


The clearing and binding of difficult and toxic forces. This can support, breaking bad habits, erroneous thoughts & toxic behavior patterns. We bind anything that feels as though it has power over you and render it bound and powerless. Buried ceremoniously on THE FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE OF NOV 8TH. This Spellworking is a two part ritual with the final completion and clearing and gifting dual action energy of the Eclipse in the North Node Taurus supporting our binding. This energy is especially helpful for money management or areas of self worth and value.

Please come back for the final burial ceremony pictures after the Full Moon Eclipse on Nov 8th.

Your Candle Numbers (based on first and last initials)

  1. B.D

  2. K.C

  3. Z.A

  4. S.M

  5. P.R

  6. T.K

We look at a few things to indicate blockages or success in the spell casting. Timing, Pyromancy & Ceromancy. Note that the ultimate success of the spell is always based on your free will and co-creation. The more internally aligned you are to receive the spell, the faster and better results you’ll see.