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Sorcery F.A.Q.

 Q. What is Sorcery? What is the Difference between Magick and Sorcery or a Sorceress & Witch? 


Witchcraft and Sorcery are terms that describe how humans engage with Magick. Magick is the act of manipulating energy and outcome and or perception. MAGICK is happening all around you at all times even if it is not through "craft". It is exhibited by the way you are programmed  by tv “programs”, by the way you are persuaded or manipulated through images in the media, the music you listen to, even in the language you speak. It’s not a coincidence that certain words have subliminal intent in the speaking or “spelling” of them. You can literally “Curse” someone or something by “calling” in a curse word. Humans are powerful and have the ability to influence and co-create specific realities. Magick is happening TO YOU anyway, the act of Witchcraft, or Sorcery allows you to take Magick into your own hands, so that Magick can happen FOR YOU.


As used by anthropologists, the term “witch” identifies someone alleged to practice socially prohibited forms of magic, while “sorcerer” refers to someone who intentionally takes on the role of magical practitioner. Neither a Witch nor a Sorcerer are inherently “bad” nor is the practice of “Magick”, even for those with religious background. Jesus for example, was a Magick Practitioner turning water into wine for pleasure, and even performing necromancy by raising Lazarus from the dead. There are some interpretations of the bible that prohibit “witchcraft” however, upon careful study, it has been lost and misconstrued in the translation and connected to the connotation of wording during that time. This magick is not only reserved for Jesus and the “most high” as many of the bible’s writers exhibited renditions of people with supernatural strength,  gifts of premonition and prophesy, astral travel, and even the ability to bend time space and manipulate outcomes that defied the laws of the natural world.


Both Witches and Sorcerers practice Magick, however a “Witch” may be limited to practice more forms of Folk Magick or Earth Magick. They are connected to the “old ways”, often with Pagan Roots of worship of multiple gods, using herbs and elements, nature and the spirits connected to them. They use the principle of the laws and qualities of nature: herbs, animals, fire, water, air, etc. to manipulate potential outcomes. Practices are often rooted in cultural healing modalities according to lineage.

Sorcerers can also use these principles of earth elements, however it is not necessary as part of their ritual practices. Sorcerers use the principles and mastery of the human mind as Magick. They use their mind and thoughts as their most powerful tool, often invoking larger concepts such as quantum & galactic physics, time bending, astral travel, sacred geometry, light and dark codes, psychology, and universal mysticism as their “guides” and deities as opposed to the old gods of paganism. 

 Q. .What type of Magick do you practice? Is it bad? Can it backfire on me? What if I don't get results


Witches and Sorcerers can use their forces for “good” or “evil”, though the Sorcerer is not likely to think of those concepts in morally religious terms. For the Sorcerer, everything and anything is happening all at once across all time and space. The idea of choosing “evil” or causing harm in this reality means the opposite has also been chosen in a different reality and therefore ANY choice is always a neutral choice. That being said, the laws of consequence still exist, and based on that, you must choose carefully what you want to exist in your current reality.


It is for this reason, whenever ritual is cast in my practice, I cast “In the highest good of all involved”. Even rituals such as curses or karma returns are cast in the realm of pain or hurt for change or to teach a lesson. Some people do have to learn the hard way in order to stop hurting others. Some people can only ascend and grow or clear their “karma” through encountering what they perceive as a negative experience. Ultimately casting in the “highest good” means that we humble ourselves by admitting we may not know all the details. We may be desiring something through a wound or ego which by perpetuating, may keep us in a spiritual karmic loop. Casting “in the highest good” is a way of preserving and protecting your spiritual evolution in this timeline. You may not always get what you “want”, but you’ll get what you “need”. 


In this way, my ritual work IS ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL. This is the path of the Magick I perform which is Ascension Magick. No, you may not see the results you “wanted”, but you will reach new levels of ascension, clearing of programs, and alignment with your choices producing a life that feels more peaceful and aligned if you continue to work with me.


 Q.  How do you work your Magick? How long does it take the spell to work or show results? How can I get started in working with you on a Custom Ritual? What can I do to make the Magick more successful?


Through my lineage, I am a Hereditary Witch. Passed though the bloodline of both my mother and father’s ancestry (pls see the “about me” page for more). Through my PRACTICES and Performance of Magick & Ceremony,  I am a SORCERESS. 


Though I do use elemental and candle magick ritual, I actually don’t need it in order to perform Magick. Very often, clients report a shift in just consulting with me, or even in leaving me a direct message on IG as the Magick occurs through the connection with my mind and thoughts. Often, I am even performing Magick and shifting timelines in the astral realm during “dream state”. Many clients also report me in their “dreams” with shifts occurring in their reality even before contracting me as their Magickal worker. Sometimes I perform Magick through the will of my higher self and higher power without the knowledge of my human self. 


Magick is very energy consuming, and because of this spontaneous performance of my Mind Magick, it has become increasingly important for me to guard my energy so that there is energy exchange and I am not “performing Magick” or helping to shift your reality free of charge. For this reason I no longer read DM’s through social media, I do not accept or read emails with explanations of your issue or problems, and custom ritual work is paid for in full before I start the work, or perform group ritual or Protection Magick on your behalf.

As far as "results" are concerned, again, because of the way I cast :“in the highest good” it preserves your spiritual integrity spiritual evolution in this timeline. You may not always get what you “want”, but you’ll get what you “need”. 


In this way, my ritual work IS ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL. This is the path of the Magick I perform which is Ascension Magick. No, you may not see the results you “wanted”, but you will reach new levels of ascension, clearing of programs, and alignment with your choices producing a life that feels more peaceful and aligned if you continue to work with me.

For you to see the results "you wanted", if they are in fact "in the highest good", that depends on the blockages present in your situation. The effectiveness of your spell has many determining factors including free will, your own co-creation and spiritual connection, the type of wounds and past traumas you may have etc. The more you have cleared programs and traumas the more you have the capacity to receive, hold and maintain the Magick. This is why I offer my Transmute That Shit™package for personal Magick Rituals. In this package, we first take the time to clear and prime the vessel (you) for spellwork for the Magick to "stick". I offer the analogy of "paint" being the spellwork. If you apply paint to an unprepared surface, you may cover it up and potentially make it look good temporarily, however, for best results, the surface needs to be primed, sanded, and polished for lasting results.

Typically, spellwork done on the self has more rapid results because you've already given permission for the spellwork by your participation. Complex spells that involve other people may take several workings to manifest if at all. 


For Custom Rituals, a consultation is REQUIRED. Please note that during your consult I may determine that spellwork is not appropriate for your situation, my guides may not be willing to take on the work, you may require other healing work prior or instead, or we may see that we are not a good fit to work together. Even if this is the case, your session will have given you more clarity, or co-creation homework about your situation and tools about how to proceed forward. My main objective is ALWAYS TO PROTECT YOUR SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY AND HIGHEST TIMELINE, which may mean I cannot do the spellwork or in some cases the healing or hypnosis work with you.

You will see that I offer many courses and modalities to bring you empowerment and to create your own Magick through transmutation and the Sorcery of Mind. I teach and empower others to use their own Sorcery and power of choice through the freedom of the mind. Modalities which work on the deprogramming & reprogramming of the subconscious such as Quantum Reprogramming, Shadow Work Self Hypnosis, and Hypno-breathwork through my Transmute That Shit ™ signature offering are some of the best ways to co-create with Ritual Work.


 You’ll hear me say “YOUR MAGICK IS IN YOUR CHOICES”, very often which means – you are a magickal and powerful co-creator by nature of your FREE WILL, however, your WILL IS ONLY FREE to the extent of clearing false programming so that your thoughts, choices and behaviors can all align. Is this Sorcery in its entirety? Well no, but it’s a start to living a magickal life of desire and conscious choices vs. a life consequences and chaos. And once your vessel is clear and you are connected in relationship with your guides, you will be shown the way and encoded with the Magical tools to become a true Sorcerer. Many of you already are :)

I look forward to working with you and to co-creating this magick with you!


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