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Cosmic Magick Group Spells

$99 - $150

Every month, Duchess designs Group Spells based on the Cosmic Alignment and Collective Energy. Many of the spells are based on Astrological Planetary Transits and offer a heightened energy catalyst for rapid manifestation. There are no consultations needed for Group Spells. Simply reserve your spot on the Altar and fill out the intake form with your intentions for the spell.



September 8th 2022 

This Spellwork Supports:

Help with inward focus, staying in your own lane.

Feeling strong and unapologetic.

Claiming your inner authority.


Increased drive, ambition, energy, excitability, assertiveness and initiative. Energetic activities favored and boosted. Favorable for all business, commercial and finance.

(for you and another person or people) 

September 19th 2022 

Relationship Reconciliation & Breakthroughs, Glamour & Influence
(for you and another person or people)

(Venus trine Uranus, Mercury Retro in Libra)
This Spellwork Supports:
Positive Breakthroughs in relationships, ability to influence your partner, breakthrough to them. Helpful in getting them to see your point of view. Great for finally getting that apology and creating smoother understanding. Venus influence supports beauty and attraction. Create a new look, revise your image, bring in that goddess energy just in time for Libra season.

BLACK CAT/KARMA CAT (Single Candle Figure Spell)

September 29th 2022

This Spellwork Supports:

Good Karma returned to you. Support with the clearing of financial debts. Good deeds returned, lost objects found or money owed returned.

Clearing of lack programming and debt codes. Clearing of Hereditary and Ancestoral karmic curses or DNA indebtedness codes.


LOVE HAUNT (2 Candle Spell) 

October 13th 2022 

This is a 2 candle combination spell (between you and another person) 

This Spellwork Supports:

Creating magnetic energy through longing. This spellwork is created to "haunt" the target with missing you, consumed by thoughts of you, feeling as though your essence "ghost of you" is around them.

You can also specify intentions for the target to experience feelings of "regret", or "the one that got away".

EVIL EYE PROTECTION (Single Candle Spell)

October 20th 2022

This Spellwork Supports:

Protections from mal-intended people, jealously, haters, negative energy. This acts as both a protection, and a return to sender. Protect yourself and your household. You may include up to 5 people in your household. Protect your ideas, business, social media platforms.

(Single Candle Spell w/ Coffin Binding & Burial)

October 27th 2022

This Spellwork Supports:


The clearing and binding of difficult and toxic forces. This can support, breaking bad habits, erroneous thoughts & toxic behavior patterns. We bind anything that feels as though it has power over you and render it bound and powerless. Buried ceremoniously on THE FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE OF NOV 8TH. This Spellworking is a two part ritual with the final completion and clearing and gifting dual action energy of the Eclipse in the North Node Taurus supporting our binding. This energy is especially helpful for money management or areas of self worth and value.

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