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Gray Witch Coven


Gray Witch Coven - A Shadow Working Coven

     We are a working coven, using Shadow Work in our self Discovery, our Magick, and our Enlightenment. One must go through the Dark to find the Light. But darkness itself isn’t something to trudge though, like swamps of sadness, half abandoning ourselves and anxiously awaiting “the light at the end of the tunnel”. The tunnel IS the light. It’s the alchemy of transformation when you can sit with something long enough to see it as something else. TRUE Alchemy is the change of perception and perspective in the mind. Magick isn't truly magick if it does not change every facet of your life. This is what we teach at our retreats. Practical magick that you can truly apply to your every day living.

     If this philosophy resonates with you, and you'd like to immerse yourself in the company of our team and other witches re-discovering their Magick, please fill out the information below and we will send you an application a few months prior to our next retreat. Our next WITCHES RETREAT is in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, late OCT. of 2023. 

     Our Retreats are open to practitioners of all levels including those who have no experience with magick. Enjoy workshops on magick, lecture, kitchen magick, spellcrafting, energy healing, group rituals, communion, self discovery, nature, yoga, horseback riding, kayaking, fire dancing and more. Tuition includes, your 3 day stay in a luxury cabin, healthy meals, magick supplies, entertainment, classes and more. You just need to get there :) and we'll take care of the rest. Travel arrangements from Dallas airports or Oklahoma City airport are available for an extra fee. We ask that a 50% down payment be made in 3 months in advance to secure your spot and our speakers. Tuition is $1,111.00 for those of you who would like to start planning for this POWERFUL retreat in advance. Space is limited to 13 magickal witches on this remembrance journey. SO excited to see you there!
As Above, So below,

Blessed Be-

The Duchess Of Eastwick 

(Duchess. Bianca)

Coven Director




"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." — Carl Jung

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Meet Your Coven Leaders

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Sharon's Magick Path is through Ceremonial High Magick. She is a devotee of Hekate and works intimately with The Fates & The Graces. Her love of Tarot has inspired her collection of over 500 unique Tarot Decks. As an Intuitive Tarot Reader, she specializes in grief counsel and helps her clients navigate the way to acceptance and healing. Her work as a gifted Therapeutic Massage Practitioner enables her to hold space and facilitate mind, body, soul integration; balancing the light and dark - the left path and the right. As the Crone of our Coven, her vast life experience, story telling, sarcasm and wit have a way of reminding you that you are the star in the story of your life.



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The path of Ascension has been the inspiration for Duchess' Neo-eclectic approach to transmutational Magick. By combining her life studies in Meta & Quantum Physics, Jungian Psychology, & Energy Healing Modalities, she has carved a new genre in the holistic approach to healing. Her unique upbringing and life experiences bring the wisdom of many lifetimes. She has the Shamanistic ability to hold space for transformation and transmute pain and chaos into beauty and peace. Because of this, you'll find a safety in her company to truly unravel without judgment; allowing the most hidden parts of you to exhale in her embrace.



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Ragana's Magickal path is aligned with the Archetype of the Divine Empowered Feminine. She has a unique connection to the Elementals and a gifted telepathy and empathy with animals both living and passed. Her capacity to teeter between worlds gives her the deep insight and ability to nurture and heal those who need to be "seen". Her camera is a  catalyst and tool in this magick. Capturing the innate raw and sensual qualities of every womxn through the lens of the Divine, her photography transforms and elevates you to find your own synergy of personal magick and power.



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Maggie's Magick path aligns with Chaos and Sigil Magick. As a devotee of Lilith, she embodies the qualities of sensual magnetism, allure and power invoked though Liliths' presence. As a Tattoo Artist, she creates Ceremonial and Ritual Magick through Blood and Ink; creating custom pieces that not only showcase her artistic talent, but also embed her magick with permanence and power. She has an esoteric knowledge of astrology and fringe culture and an insatiable thirst for the knowledge of spiritual mysteries. Maggie juxtaposes her plutonian alien sensibility with child-like awe and wonder. She is both muse and mirror, and inspires creative license in everyone she meets.


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