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On Location House Clearings

 Starting at $600 (Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex) additional travel fees apply for other locations

Duchess performs her Signature Ritual at your Location to clear, cleanse and bless your home with positive energy and abundance. Using a combination of smudge smoke, custom created blessing sprays, incantations and permanent burials on your property, she creates a safe and sacred container for your space. In addition, she will assess any energy leakages or entries by closing off portals. She will also assess object energy and furniture arrangements to ensure the best flow of positive energy.


Rates and fees include travel time to and from the home or office or other location. Please note that if you are experiencing negative paranormal activity, hauntings, entity oppressions or possessions, extra fees will apply and potentially more than one visit may be needed. If this is the case, please disclose fully the events that are occurring for your safety and mine. 

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