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     In my work as a Transmutation Sorceress, we look at our own darkness as a pathway to healing and full integration of whole embodied authentic being. Through the principles of dual integration, the process of becoming whole, complete, limitless and expansive, means we crack open the wounds and parts of ourselves that make us cringe. In doing so, we look at our relationship to the outside world as a mirror to understand the shadow within. Breaking through barriers, clearing false programming, freeing ourselves from sub/unconscious behaviors that have us acting small in the world we are here to co-create, is our path as way-showers to a new earth. A better today, and a better tomorrow. 

     I have many tools in my toolbox to assist you to live your most empowered life, but looking at the dark is the only way to the light. There is death, before there can be rebirth. Catharsis as the catalyst to change.

     New age spirituality primarily focuses on "abundance", toxic positivity, "love and light", and the "law of attraction" to create the life of your dreams. There is a huge piece missing here that ends up creating more resistance and a form of spiritual bypassing and cultural narcissism that highlights the energy of "get" verses "receive". You cannot receive and maintain it with ease without clearing & reprogramming your vessel through shadow work and integration. Try reprogramming a computer without clearing the hardware from the old programs. Try installing new software on a system that contains viruses. You see where I'm going here.


Shadow Work, Carl Jung, Lightwork



      On this journey back to "I am enough to receive", pain is the pathway. Our power is in our weakness, our capacity to feel pain determines our capacity to feel pleasure. This is integration. THIS is the way of Transmutation. I do not cast out our demons (literal and figural). I pour them a cup of tea, and seek to understand them, see them, validate them.....and set them free. Healed and forgiven. Go in Peace. THIS IS HOW WE TRANSMUTE THAT SHIT.

   Be aware that working with me can be heavy at times. But I have the gift of holding space for pain, grounding with grace, and being a beacon in the dark. If you'd like to work with me and reading this has your body and soul saying a full body FU*K YES!, take a moment to view the video below. Click the "eye" , turn inward, and allow your spirit to tell you where you'd like to start.

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