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HYPNOBreathwork Journey
& Somatic Healing

Video / Call Via ZOOM $222

In this session, I guide & coach you with the medicine you already have….. your breath. Most people when thinking of breathwork, think of a slow methodical yogic or meditation breath used mainly to calm anxiety or deepen rest.


Breathwork Journey’s are NOTHING like this. With Breathwork Journey’s we engage in a series of different breath techniques that are active and dynamic. You will be working with pace and technique, looping the breath for 45 min.consecutively. This work is not passive or easy, but hugely transformative when you put in the work. 


Breathwork Journey’s are exactly that… JOURNEY’S. It’s very similar to any altered state medicine journey except the medicine is the breath. Expect to reach shamanic altered states, theta brain wave states (hypnotic state),& sensations in your body you’ve never experienced prior.


The most amazing part of this is that you can heal and clear past hurts, abandonment, trauma’s and even physical pain WITHOUT TALK THERAPY. There is no need to rehash or revivify these events. You can simply clear them somatically from your field.


This is KEY for those who have a hard time with introspection, language, or accessing how they feel. Also for those who are afraid of re-traumatization through recalling certain events.


This style of therapy is EXTREMELY popular with male or divine masculine forward clients regardless of gender as they have been taught by society or cultural norms, or conditioning, that to talk about pain or experience pain for that matter, is weakness. In this therapy, you JUST BREATHE. Your breath is the medicine.


During your journey, we work to close out the trauma cycle by clearing the body of stored information in the cellular matrix. Most of us self abandon during emotional and physical pain, the result is that the trauma cycle never closes out and the pain/ memories and meaning is stored in our body.


This can show up as dis-ease, chronic and acute pain, weight loss resistance, weight gain, body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression, negative thinking, victimization, feelings of hopelessness and being stuck. Breathwork is also a great training tool for those who do physical sport and will find benefit with techniques such as edging, or extreme feats of the body that require energy and focus.


In addition, we pair hypnotic breath with hypnotic suggestions to bring in the bespoke reprogramming which is tailored specifically to your manifestation goals as well as teach you life long breath techniques customized to your lifestyle and needs.

This is also offered in combination with Ritual Work in the Transmute That Shit Signature Package.


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