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Group Rituals


Every month, Duchess designs Group Rituals based on the Cosmic Alignment and / or the Collective Energy. Many of the spells are based on Astrological Planetary Transits and offer a heightened energy catalyst for rapid manifestation. There are no consultations needed for Group Spells. Simply reserve your spot on the Altar and fill out the intake form with your intentions for the spell.

Once you have secured your altar spot, you will be taken to your intake form where you will fill out important info such as name, bday, astrology placements if known as well as be given the opportunity to write your intentions. 

Intentions are not your petition or incantation. Let’s break down the difference because it’s important for the success of your spell.

Intentions: are what you would like to happen based on the specific Spellwork. Example : for a “Glow Up” spell which is a combination of a Beauty and Glamour Spell, your intentions may be — “I’d like to feel beautiful and attract attention from people. I want to have more confidence and have more influence on social media”

*notice that the intentions ARE IN ALIGNMENT with the spells' design.
The intention was NOT, “I want my boyfriend back” or “I want to have more focus at the gym”. Those would would be other types of spells. Keep on theme for best results.

Petition or Incantations : are a very specific way of using the language of attraction to ensure that you are creating the least amount of resistance and codifying the Spellwork to your desires. Though a petition is not required, it is recommended in order to make sure you are envoking/ invoking the appropriate energies to the spell. 
Duchess does include a general incantation as part of the Spellwork theme.  If you’d like to add additional incantations, PLEASE PURCHASE the petition writing/ incantation workshop to learn how. 

After your Group Ritual is complete, reports & pictures are posted on the “Ritual Gallery”. In addition, video or reels are posted on Social Media. Please allow up to 72 hrs after the Spellwork appointment time for videos to be edited, posted and reports to be generated.

There, you will see you have been assigned a number based on your first and last initials (as entered on your intake form) followed by a description or breakdown of interesting points in the ritual. If your number is not specifically mentioned, assume there were no issues or highlighted points to your Spellwork. and everything has gone smoothly. You will be notified what steps to take if your work shows blockages.

If you need additional help or info about your spell, please schedule an “after care” Follow Up consult to meet personally with Duchess.

BOOK an AFTER CARE FOLLOW UP (1-3 weeks after your spell)

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