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Cosmic Magick Group Spells

Single Candle Spells - $99
2 Candle Spells - $150

Every month, Duchess designs Group Spells based on the Cosmic Alignment and Collective Energy. Many of the spells are based on Astrological Planetary Transits and offer a heightened energy catalyst for rapid manifestation. There are no consultations needed for Group Spells. Simply reserve your spot on the Altar and fill out the intake form with your intentions for the spell.


CUT & CLEAR (2 Candle Combination Spell)

July 14th 2022 

This is a 2 candle combination spell (between you and another person) it includes an energy clearing and a cord cutting.


This spellwork supports: 


Clearing your energy field and toxic push pull dynamics. 

Release baggage and triggers.

Fresh starts in friendships or partnerships.

Helpful after fights or before starting reconciliation work.

Helpful after breakups with an old partner so that you do not carry the energy of the old partner and patterns and problems into your new relationships.

GLOW UP (Single Candle Spell)

July 21st 2022 

A "Glow UP" is a combination of a glamour and beauty spell

This spellwork supports: 

Radiating inner and outer beauty


Support for aesthetic goals

Feeling magnetic and aligned

Drawing in desired people, places, things  into your timeline.

People wanting to help you, support you, collaborate with you.

LUCKY CAT (Single Candle Spell)

July 28th 2022

This Spellwork Supports:

Sudden windfalls profits

Return on investments


Alignment with opportunities

8th House energy abundance: gifts, tax returns, inheritances, money from spouses or partnerships, found money, unexpected money


ST. EXPEDITE (Single Novena Candle Spell)

August 4th 2022 

This Spellwork Supports:

Anything you'd like to bring in to be expedited quickly. We petition ST. EXPEDITE  for your requests.

Please make sure you are narrowing your request down to one theme or topic and that you are specific with that request for best results.(ie. health, specific love, contracts or paperwork, money from a specific source or date/ time.)

PROTECTION & SHIELDING (Single Novena Candle Spell)

August 11th 2022

This Spellwork Supports:


Protection  & shielding from mal intended energy, projections, jealousy spellcraft, psychic attacks, negative entities.

You may list yourself and or anyone living in your household (up to 5 people). 

Protect your pets, your idea, or project. etc. You can also use this to protect a relationship (you & another person), a sacred space or home, and office, your belongings, protection during a specific travel date(s), Please include the address of the building/ home being protected.


August 25th 2022

This Spellwork Supports:

Mastery, Wisdom, Foresight, Success, Command.

Support for test taking, obtaining knowledge, & mastery.

Goal setting and successful execution. Business, advertising, creative projects, command over an audience, exercising authority and leadership.

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