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Customized Rituals

Custom Rituals Require a Consultation.

Protection & Defense Magick Rituals, as well as Group Rituals & Memberships are offered without a consultation process. Memberships also have access to the "VIP Secret Spell Menu" where spellwork can be scheduled without a consult. For access to more individual private spellwork, become a Member of "Moon Magick", "Protection Magick", "Novena Magick", or "Transmute That Shit ™" Memberships. 


 Please see the appropriate pages to see if you are in alignment with those workings If you cannot find the specific Membership Group you are looking for, it means that it is full and you'll need to email Duchess to get on the wait list.

 Please read the Sorcery "About" page and the entirety of this page before scheduling a Consult or booking any ritual work, including Group Rituals, and Memberships.

Custom Rituals Include: 
Ritual Design, Custom Magickal Work (pls. see details below)
Ceromancy & Pyromancy Report and Follow Up Call "After Care" Via Zoom

After your Consultation, Duchess will give you a quote based on the suggested custom work. Custom Ritual Work starts at $285, and can go to upwards of $600 based on the complexity of the work and danger or personal or spiritual injury involved.

Duchess performs ritual work for the following categories.
Note that she does not perform "Black Magick" or contract demons for clients. 

Healing Magick 
Self Empowerment
Defense or Protection Magick
Personal Magick
Money Magick 
Love Work
Justice Work
Break-Up or Cord Cutting Work
Curse Work
Curse Removals & Reversals
Entity Removals
House Clearing, Portal Closing & Protection

(House Clearings are currently offered on location only.
Pls. see "On Location House Clearings" under the Home page for more info.)

Custom Rituals are Complex Sorcery Spellwork Combinations that combine several spells in one ritual. A Custom Ritual can be created for any circumstance according to the unique situation and underlying energy as well as desired outcome. The price of your custom work is determined based on the subject matter of your Ritual, supply costs, the complexity or issues involved, and the energy involved in performing and executing your work, as well as any potential risks involved on my end. Your Custom Ritual includes: Pre-Ritual Design or Research, Mind Sorcery, Spellwork (candle magick, custom oils, herbs, incantations, reiki energy work, sigil magick, sacred geometry, sound healing, Astro-Ascension Magick), Ritual, Pictures, Pyromancy & Ceromancy Reading (Flame,Wax Reading) during a live Follow Up "After Care" Call via  ZOOM. 


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