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Novena Rituals


  Donation based Novena Rituals & Vigils for assistance with spiritual attacks & disempowering agendas. 

Novena Rituals are 9 day Candle Rites based on your prayer request. Each Candle is prepared with hand crafted anointing oils and lit daily followed by a set of prayers according to the Patron Saint and or personal intentions for your situation. 

Vigils are single day 24 hr nonstop Candle Rites with 3 prayer services meant for intensive or urgent situations or to catapult a subsequent Novena Ritual.

Novena Rituals are donation based. Most people donate within the range of $50-$200 depending on the hrs. of dedication involved in your ritual. For more spiritual guidance on discerning how God may be working through your trials, and assistance in shifting your energy and mindset to peace and abundance, schedule a Ritual Consult or Spiritual Guidance Session.

Novenas are started weekly on Wednesdays. You will receive a picture of your candle upon start and finish of your candle via email. 

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Gothic Cathedral
Gothic Cathedral

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