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Transmute That Shit

TRANSMUTE THAT SHIT ™ is my signature service offering which combines all of my services into one profound healing experience.


I’ve formulated this modality to be a culmination of years of study & experience to form a holistic & comprehensive MIND, BODY & SPIRIT approach. 


Transmute That Shit ™ combines HYPNOSIS (Mind) with BREATHWORK & SOMATIC MOVEMENT (body) along with RITUAL and energy work (spirit).


This combination both compliments and deepens any other manifestation or therapy work and is ESPECIALLY important in implementing changes, level ups and creating & manifesting the life you truly desire.


This is because a huge part of “manifesting” is left out or out of context in most spiritual communities. It is not enough to manifest your desires through spellwork, ritual, the law of attraction, vision boarding etc. If we have not cleared our vessel and created the container for the magick to enter, live, and build, you are likely to experience subpar results and lots of frustration.


Transmute That Shit ™ balances both shadow work and light work to clear the vessel of faulty programs and subconscious misalignments while bringing in the alignment of your highest and best self. Once we have cleared and prepared our container for the object of manifestation (how you desire to feel, be or attain), through BREATHWORK & HYPNOSIS, we then work the spiritual aspect through RITUAL.


Ritual work includes calling upon our guides, developing lifelong connection and “help” from our spirit team, high magick, sacred geometry, astrocartography, astrology and planetary placements, transits and alignments, sigil magick, reiki energy work, incantation, petition writing, anointing oils, herbal and candle magick.

Ritual is done on your behalf with some aspects of co-creation being assigned to you. Essentially, the Transmute That Shit Ritual works as a Blockbuster and Uncrossing to reduce internal and external resistance towards your life goals. We not only take into account potential false programs and hereditary curses, we also look at your birth chart to look at any "malefic" placements that could be hindering your goals and create an overlay transit to clear karma and blockages.

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